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Church service October 29. Sunday attendance have averaged over 50 people for several weeks. Mayra, Sandra, Liz y and Laura Youth Group with David Gomez

Church and Family News

As some of you know, last week we flew up to PA on a Monday and returned to Mexico City that following Thursday. During that time Mayra was able to finally complete her naturalization process, making her a U.S. citizen! This will enable the whole family to travel freely back and forth from Mexico to …

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In the Shadow of Volcanos

This is a picture taken last year of the view from our house. Since then, all the area around the orange tower have been completely filled up with new houses. This area of the city is growing tremendously, with over 40,000 new homes built in the last 5 years.

Party Time and a prayer request

Tomorrow will be a fun evening. Charles Wright and Rachel Fenner fly down from Houston, Rikki visits from Puebla, Alberto and Alex plan to be here, plus a bunch of friends from a university group that I was involved with in Iztapalapa several years ago. Mayra and I are trying to figure out where 10 …

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Some of you have probably been wondering what happened to the property that we have permission to use, after the conflict that we had with several of the neighbors (really just 3 or 4). Well, after reviewing the law, it turns out we continue to have legal access to this particular piece of property, which …

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Citizenship Appointment…finally

Looks like Mayra will finally be concluding her INS requirements and becoming a bonafide naturalized citizen soon…we received confirmation of an interview for the end of October. That is good news.

PA talk

I got this via email today…cute. I know some of you aren’t but now maybe you can understand those of us who are!! Enjoy! Once a Pennsylvanian, ALWAYS a Pennsylvanian!About Pennsylvanians. You’ve never referred to Philadelphia as anything but “Philly” and New Jersey has always been “Jersey.”You refer to Pennsylvania as “PA” (pronounced Pee-ay).“You guys” …

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Informe financiero

Nunca queremos ni debemos poner demasiado hincapié en la cuestión financiera, como hacen algunas iglesias. Sin embargo, tampoco debemos ser irresponsables o ignorantes en cuanto a las necesidades que tiene la Iglesia. Actualmente la cuenta de la iglesia se encuentra en “ceros” después de algunos gastos fuertes relacionados al club de niños que se llevó …

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John and Romans Portions

I responded to a random email a couple of months ago and said that we would be interested in receiving some gospel portions. Yesterday I took a seat out of the van and drove about an hour and a half north and picked up 16 boxes with 500 Bible portions, the books of John and …

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