Rod Fry

Informe financiero

Nunca queremos ni debemos poner demasiado hincapié en la cuestión financiera, como hacen algunas iglesias. Sin embargo, tampoco debemos ser irresponsables o ignorantes en cuanto a las necesidades que tiene la Iglesia. Actualmente la cuenta de la iglesia se encuentra en “ceros” después de algunos gastos fuertes relacionados al club de niños que se llevó …

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John and Romans Portions

I responded to a random email a couple of months ago and said that we would be interested in receiving some gospel portions. Yesterday I took a seat out of the van and drove about an hour and a half north and picked up 16 boxes with 500 Bible portions, the books of John and …

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Daniel and his karate teacher

Daniel won both of these trophies. The tallest one is almost as tall as he is, and he won it because he came in second place in doing his “kata.” The prof. said that most kids do not win in that catagory for a long time. The kid’s got talent!

More Noche Mexicana Pictures

From left to right…Sandra, Cathy and Mayra. Most of us came dressed in traditional Mexican costumes. Here are some of the kids, including our three plus Miguel, Laura and Monica. Among the tons of food we had…pambazos, flautas, sopes, tacos de canasta, esquites and elotes, and tostadas de tinga. We played pictionary using words related …

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Daniel’s Karate Trophy

As promised, here’s Daniel with one of his two trophies won recently. This one, believe it or not, is the smallest one, for winning first place in a group of 4. He also won a larger one for coming in second place in doing his “kata,” an excercise with kicking and punching.


Daniel won 1st place in his karate tournament this past Saturday. He entered the “special” competition which means a group of 4 participants compete against each other. If you beat both of them…first place. Photo coming. Also, this past Sunday we had a record attendance at church…probably 60 people in all. If everyone decides to …

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Karate Tournament tomorrow

Daniel has a karate tournament tomorrow. This picture was taken after Daniel’s last tournament in which he won a third place trophy. In this picture he is covering the word “tercer” which means third. Daniel doesn’t like to come in third much…he want’s to win! This could be Daniel’s last karate tournament for a while, …

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Noche Mexicana

¡Noche Mexicana!¿Cuándo? Viernes, 15 de septiembre a las 7 p.m. (en una carpa)¿Dónde? En el predio ubicado esq. Hda. Cotera y Kikuyo (donde se llevó a cabo el club de niños y la fogata)¿Qué? Juegos tipo feria, disfraces, comida, piñata y un devocional¿Quiénes? Se extiende la invitación a toda la iglesia y a todos los …

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