Hispanic Heritage Celebration E-town

We’re excited about an activity this October 6, designed to bring Hispanics together around two favorite pastimes….soccer and eating! Of course, there will be music and Mexican Coke also! September 15 through October 15 is designated Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S., and we want to celebrate it! We’re received municipal permission to use the …

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PA Dutch Pig Stomach

I mentioned previously that I was going to dedicate a post to making Pig Stomach…so here it is! In Mexico, pancita, menudo or mole de panza are all terms for stomach, usually cow stomach, and is a dish that takes some getting used to, because it’s usually the stomach of an animal cooked or boiled, …

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Two Videos from September

The two videos below are: 1. A very short visual of some of the food we ate as a church in celebration of Mexico Independence Day September 18. Some of the stars of the video…pozole, tamales, tostadas, pambazos and a big cake. 2. A video put together by co-worker Jim Cottrill of our baptismal service …

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