First Service in New Auditorium, JM

Many of you have been involved with either praying for or giving toward the Jesus Maria auditorium project. This past August, a group of 18 from Leroy Community Chapel helped pour quite a bit of concrete, and installed lighting. Since then, a man from the church, Ricardo, has been finishing the walls, and a number of people have helped with plumbing and electrical installation. Now, tiling the 1800 square feet floor space has begun. So many of you have been involved in seeing this property developed to where it is today.

The congregation’s first service in this new space was last Sunday. The Palmas 1 church was invited to attend, and I was invited to preach. It was a great time seeing many dear friends again, and sharing with them in the grace of our Lord Jesus.

Mayra with Alyssa, Isaac and Gabriela’s daughter, and the pig-tail hat she knitted for her.  Below, the worship team practicing Saturday for the first service on Sunday.

                                                                                                   Tiling has begun in earnest! We’re all looking forward to seeing a finished floor, and painted walls!


It wasn’t too long ago that the property looked like this!

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