Future Projects

We’re always thinking about ways to improve community, and foster outreach. One project for this summer is to improve our facilities here to be more conducive to reaching our community. This involves some remodeling and some modest purchases. Below, a ping-pong table which we can purchase at a local box store.

Friend Gaspar was visiting this past weekend, and we went for a drive on the wild side, visiting a nearby area that is not known to be particularly organized or safe–an area called Chimalhuacán. But following a direction on the Internet and Google Maps we finally found a house, tucked away in the middle of nowhere, that was converted into a small factory that makes fooseball tables. Really beautiful ones at that! The plan is to buy one for our Tiempo de Vivir community center, and also a local rehab center that we support on a regular basis.

Another idea is to take the soccer tournaments we do to “another level” as David would say. These full-sized fields can be rented by the hour, and for a little extra, referees are included in the cost. We have done many soccer tournaments in the past; doing it in this place would make it really special.

This was me today, taking a hearing amplification device (and four roasted chickens) up to the rehab center that we try to support. Joel has quite a story, having lived many years in California, New York, Virginia and Kentucky. Everybody has a story. Joel’s hasn’t been that cheery of late, as for the last month or so he was totally out of his mind drunk. Francisco, the director of the center, rescued him from the street. Always encouraging to be among such people, and see God’s word work on them. He just about cried when he received this simple device. I just about cried when I gave it to him.


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