PA Peacefulness

After waiting around 5 hours in an immigration office the day before our flight left, I was able to get traveling papers (remember my residency card was stolen) and we arrived in PA for a few weeks. Israel, our nephew, came with us, and spent the first two weeks with us in PA.

We were pleased to visit five of our supporting churches, 4 in PA (Word of Life Chapel, E-town Grace, Bible Fellowship Community Church, Hope Community) and a surprise visit to Leroy Community Chapel in OH.

It was great to spend time with Daniel and my parents (and many relatives). I believe I actually won more Settlers and Power Grid games than either Tony or David, but then again…who’s counting!?!

Cathy got her driver’s license (YAY), and we signed papers regarding legal guardianship for her beginning in 2018. ¬†We also got a plan and a bunch of (heavy) textbooks for cyber school this next year. A big thanks to Dr. Daniel Sheard for helping us a lot.

A quick trip to NYC, and…Oh.. a week at the beach! What fun! And so much more…but now, time to head back to Mexico!

A sincere thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Zeager, for allowing us to use their missions home for the past month.



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