Palmas 1 First Anniversary!

Hard to believe it’s been a year already! Yesterday our service was dedicated to celebrating the goodness of God towards our little congregation, that had its first birthday yesterday.

The service itself was full of special participation from several different groups in the church (women, youth, kids), as well as special music and skits. We sang a lot, and enjoyed a creative devotional by Jim. In the middle of our service we enjoyed a Powerpoint presentation with around 150 pictures of the people and events of this past year. We also heard from Matheus, Cheila and Karen via a short video that they sent…it was great to see their faces and hear from them again!

If you read Spanish, or want to try, you can download the program HERE. Palmas1Anniversary.

We also had quite a few visitors, pretty much maxing out the space in the small kids party hall that we rent. Our attendance yesterday…somewhere around 65 I’m guessing. There’s a story about David and a census in the OT; always makes me hesitant to count people!

If you’ve ever been to Mexico, you know that cakes are a pretty big deal here! Even the church logo turned out pretty tasty!

The youth group did a great skit, and took a group picture after the service. A big “thank you” to Cuco and Connie, who have been doing a super job with the youth people.

Towards the end of the Powerpoint we began to present some images of church people who resembled the many paintings of superheroes and comic figures that adorn El Rincón Feliz (The Happy Corner or Happy Spot), the place that we rent for church services. Enjoy!




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