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I was ready to sit down and watch the Cowboys and Steelers play on Sunday, when I got a call from friend José.  He had a belt break while on Zaragoza, the main road coming into the city from this end of town, about 30 minutes away (on a good day).  I stopped by for my good mechanic friend Mardonio.  He grabbed some tools, and we were on our way.  I managed to see the very last minute of regulation play, when the Cowboys choked on a field goal.  I’m tempted to gloat, and mention what the Giants did (or didn’t do) on Sunday, but that just wouldn’t be right.

Yesterday Stephen and Melanie stopped in on the way to taking Stephen P. to the airport.  Actually, I was going to take Stephen to terminal 1, but Melanie said she was able to do that.  Our car can pretty much drive itself to the airport…it would be interesting to know the amount of times we’ve done that round trip picking people up and taking them back.  I’m sure the number would be well over 100, probably close to 200.  Below, a picture of Stephen and me, at his going-away party last Sunday evening.

About 40 minutes later, Melanie called.  Apparently her car was having clutch issues.  Could I go help?  So I called Mardonio again, and off we went.  The car was only suffering from a leak in a fluid hose, and Mardonio was able to drive it back.  We’re definitely thinking about going into business together providing roadside assistance or something!

Quote of the Day: You can argue that Paul had an exit strategy even before he had an entrance strategy for Asia. It certainly appears that his stay for three years was planned (Acts 20:31). He empowered his leaders with accountability to God for the work that he modeled for them, and so his presence wasn’t needed in order for the work to continue when he left (Acts 20:32).
Cole, Neil. Journeys to Significance: Charting a Leadership Course from the Life of Paul (Jossey-Bass Leadership Network Series) (p. 109).

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  1. Rod, I appreciate the way you selflessly provide “roadside assistance” to those you encounter on your camino global…encouraging those who are “broken down” and mentoring others “in tow.”

    Blessings! Feliz Navidad:)


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