Tiempo de Vivir

We now have a name and a logo for our community center. The center is located very near a water tower with a sun dial on top…the logo reflects this. The name is a combination of two very important concepts…time and life… “Time to Live.” Our church is called “Path of Life” Bible Church. So we wanted to combine the concept of time (sun dial, redeeming time, etc…) with the concept of life, abundant life, eternal life, etc… The theme or motto of the community center is “Da mas vida a tu vida“, or “Add more life to your life.”

We have suspended weekly English classes right now, and will be focusing on giving English classes for four weeks, one in May and three in June. Keyboard classes will also begin in May, and guitar classes continue, as do basketball classes every Wednesday and Friday.

The second logo is our new Sendero de Vida, Jesus Maria logo, which is basically the same as the Sendero logo, but with J.M. added.

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