Transparency and Corruption

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Here’s an interesting chart and article on corruption around the world.  We could certainly tell a lot of personal stories about this.  The text is very small, but it has Mexico rated at 105 out of 176.  Check out the article from Transparency International HERE.

The kids are out on Christmas break, and so our days are a bit different now.  Last night, our boys plus around 6 other friends (and me) playing volleyball and Dominion until 11 p.m.  Yesterday morning, after dropping Tiffany and Tina off at the airport, Samuel and Aurora invited us for tortas.  Mega-tortas.  Nearly impossible to eat a whole one, although Sam did have success with his!  A torta, by the way, is a sandwich made with a fresh baked roll, and stuffed with meat, cheese and nearly anything you can think of.  See pic below.

Speaking of Tiffany and Tina, and Fabian too, word is a big snowstorm kept them in Dallas overnight.  Hopefully they can make it to their respective destinations today!

Quote of the Day: A description for making friends, throwing parties, telling stories, and giving gifts makes the work seem entirely possible for regular folk–even fun. Telling people to start churches (with all that this implies in our current world’s experience) sounds awful to most people. Instead, make it simple and concrete and powerful. Connect God’s infinite complexity and power to simple and ordinary people who are capable of doing something easy and normal. Let God be the complex part that gets all the glory, and let us be the simple part that doesn’t deserve any credit because we’re doing nothing beyond the norm.
Neil Cole, Church 3.0

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