16 kids, 40+ grandkids

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I went with Lydia, Allan’s mom and a friend of hers to deliver our last Gen1 wheelchair today, to a small town near here called San Francisco. We met Juana, a lady who certainly needed the chair. Amazing the stories you hear! Juana gave birth to 16 kids, and has over 40 grandkids (she really had no idea how many, but we helped her oldest daughter do the math). Juana lives at the very edge of town, and has an impressive view of the mountains near the volcanoes to the southeast of here.  Juana lives with her youngest boy, who is 18, and probably 5 cats and 8 dogs!

Juana mentioned that her mother gave birth to 26 kids! She jokingly mentioned that she “only” had 16 kids, 10 less than her mother.  Juana still has some spunk! She expressed her appreciation for the chair, and liked the mountain bike tires. This will let me explore a bit around here, she said.

Quote of the Day: Prejudices and preconceptions form the biggest wall we must confront when we seek to cross into another culture. This wall is two-sided. We have prejudices about others, and they have their own about us. Clarifying these stereotypes is crucial to overcoming them.
Tim Dearborn. Short-Term Missions Workbook: From Mission Tourists to Global Citizens (p. 25).

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