20 Wheelchairs, a Drum Set, Random Kitchen Appliances and Two Dogs

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Just when Tina thought that nothing more could fit into her garaje space, I show up with 20 wheelchairs. We stopped renting the house on the corner…so guess who’s house has become the default storage warehouse?

This shipment of wheelchairs is going to Oaxaca to help mobility-challenged people in rural villages. Adventures in Life Ministries, with Gaspar and Dave, are assisting their communities in some really creative ways, wheelchairs being the latest idea.

Found out some bad news yesterday…Operation Blessing is moving their warehouse, where they distribute the wheelchairs, from Los Reyes (a 30 minute drive) to the Toluca side of Mexico City…which will make getting the chairs a LOT more difficult. But not impossible. Very few things in life are impossible.

Quote of the Day: Jesus casually suggested one day, “Let’s go over to the other side.” What was he doing? Didn’t he know that the kingdom is for our side? It’s almost as if he didn’t know that this is the other side. It’s almost as if he thought it’s his side. It’s almost as if he thought every side belonged to him, or that he belonged to every side. It’s almost as if he thought that all the peoples of the earth were now going to be blessed through him — even the seven nations of Canaan.
Ortberg, John  Who Is This Man?: The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus (pp. 90-91).

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