August 2010

Don Reuben

We received work this morning that Aurora’s father, who suffers from high blood pressure and other heart-related problems, is in the hospital in serious condition. Samuel took Aurora to the bus terminal to make the trip up to her parents’ home. Please pray for Reuben, who is a strong Christian and a fun man to

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Computers and Home Schooling

Daniel is in 7th grade, and we’ve decided to home school him this year, for a variety of reasons. I really think we made the right choice, although we’ve always tried to have our kids in Mexican schools. Daniel, however, is at a point where he needs to fortify his English, and get ready for

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ELA and Basketball

I told Samuel I’m not going to take him anywhere with me anymore, because it seems like anytime we’re together, we end up being presented with more opportunities than we can possibly tackle. Last Wednesday I mentioned that we met a neighbor in Jesus Maria that offered us the administration of a community center in

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Why am I tired?

Daniel is starting homeschooling tomorrow. At least I hope he is. I went out and bought a desktop computer for around $480 last night, and was pretty happy with it, until I tried to load Daniel’s Switched-On Schoolhouse Alpha and Omega CD-driven curriculum, and was informed that the 1 Gig of RAM computer I purchased

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Iris, us and Jesus

Iris is a woman with four young kids, and one of them, the oldest, all of 6 years old, is unique in at least two ways. First of all, she has blond hair in a dark-skinned Mexican family. She also has a problem with her brain. Her name is Fernanda. I met Iris and Fernanda,

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Reading List and MBI conference

Too bad doesn’t deliver to Mexico. If they did, things could get expensive for me. So…right now my book list is as follows:Simply Christian, by N.T. WrightThe Last Christian on Earth, by Os Guinness Recently read:The Tribe, by Seth GodinIf You Want to Walk on Water…by John OrtbergLeadership as an Identity, by Crawford W.

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Time in PA, NJ, OH

Too much has happened over the past three weeks to do the time justice in a brief post. I’ll just mention things as they come to mind. Dad saw a momma bear and three cubs while on the 4-wheeler near our family cabin in the mountains of PA and took a picture with his cell

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