Relief Work in Morelos

It was a long day, but a very good day today. We found ourselves doing some things we didn’t expect to do, in little towns we didn’t necessarily expect to visit, but God worked it all out.

10 of us left the house this morning a bit after 8 a.m. Our first stop was at an evangelical church in Cuautla, Morelos, about an hour’s drive from Ixtapaluca. At the church we met Pastor Alejandro, who was coordinating different teams in a number of small towns in the state of Morelos.

After receiving our assignment, and finding a seat for Juan Carlos in our van, we headed south to the town of Huitchila, and area very close to the epicenter of the recent 7.1° quake. We encountered an amazing amount of support for this town, and really every town we went through…lots of people with cars and trucks loaded down with relief supplies. In one case, we saw a caravan of some 16 cars. Help was pouring into from places as far away as Guadalajara.

Our job, after delivering the supplies we had purchased, became delivering the resources door-to-door in several different villages. After doing this in Huichila and López Mateos through mid afternoon, we headed back to the church in Cuautla and gave a brief report. Every bag of food was accompanied by a gospel tract, and we spoke with people about their spiritual need when we could.

After this we headed out to our third site, taking with us an almost full van load of food and water, and ended up in Achichipico, a town above Yecapixla (known for its cecina, a salty meat that makes wonderful tacos…see last picture). It was in Achichipico that we really saw some significant damage, with many homes leveled to the ground. We went with Geronimo, worship leader at Nuestra Casa Camino de Verdad.

Next effort…supporting churches in Oaxaca next week with son Daniel!

Check out four short videos and some pics. Thanks for your prayers and the donations that make this effort possible.

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  1. Hi we are looking for a place to do service and relief work in December. Would Mexico be a good place to go still come December? We are a family of eight. 6 children ages 5-17. Would it be a good option for us?

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