A Blessed Weekend (part 2)

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We nearly canceled our summer evangelistic event after our main speaker was not able to come, but decided to go ahead anyway. And we’re glad we did! All in all we saw and estimated 200 neighbors come to and through our tent, probably 80% of which were not church people. That was the goal!

Really neat to see the church mobilized and helping in a myriad of different ways! There were a total of 12 different carnival games (including mine, the “win a fish game”, the real reason why people came!), with food also sold, proceeds going to our church building project. Jessica probably nearly 100 pictures at her carnival stand, which will be printed out and distributed to family that stop by our community center tomorrow, with an invitation to our kids club in August.

Gospel illustrations and a short devotional were shared twice during the afternoon, with a focus on the importance of having God in your family to keep it healthy and protected. Best of all, we saw several people who went to the event on Saturday in church on Sunday. Appreciate your prayers! Here are some pictures (thanks Jessica!).

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