A Month of Transition

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After a very productive and exciting Spring/Summer of short-term teams, where we were privileged to receive a total of 49 people from five churches and three different U.S. states, we headed up to PA August 5 to register David for school at the Elizabethtown Area High School. I won’t go into how that decision was made…it was rather long and torturous!, but David will be living with sister Cathy and my parents for the next year or two.

During our time in PA I was able to work with my dad in remodeling the garage area of our small house in Elizabethtown. He commented that it was probably the most time we’d ever spent together working…and he’s probably right! Dad is amazing, and at age 75 can still out-work me any day of the week. A big thank you also to Jon Hixon and Gary Smedley for their help with the plumbing and electrical work, respectively.

We returned to Mexico at the end of August empty-nesters, which is a really weird feeling, and not one that a Mexican mother enjoys much at all! So you can pray for us, but especially for Mayra, as she adjusts to life without any of her three kids. You can pray for me whenever there is a soccer game (like today), because there is nothing I would rather do than watch David play soccer. So far they’ve play one game last week, which they lost 2-1, but if there were any redeeming value to the game, it’s that David scored their only goal. We’ve very much appreciated the support of the soccer coach and of other teachers at the High School. You can pray for David, also, as English is not his strongest language (he’s far more comfortable in Spanish). He commented that during the first few days he felt like his brain was on overload from having to listen to so much English.

Cathy began studies towards a career in nursing at HACC, and Daniel changed cars, and is driving an amazing new Honda Civic SI. We are so proud of his transition of life in the U.S. If you are looking for a great pre-owned vehicle, ask for him at Wissler Motors in Mount Joy.

Found out that E-town won their second game 1-0, so that’s good!

What’s happening here in Mexico? On Sundays we continue to preach through the book of Hebrews. My “Defending the Faith” series will come to a close soon. I am also in charge of the worship band for a big, joint Sunday service on October 6. 10 churches are invited. Then on October 12 we begin a 40-hour theological course, studying for 8 hours 5 Saturdays from October through the beginning of December. First course…hermenuetics and Bible Study methods. We have somewhere between 30-40 people signed up for this course. We’d appreciate your prayers.

Also please be in prayer for our co-workers, Jim and Shari Cottrill. Jim’s father passed away last week. Read more about that HERE.


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