A Preview of Summer 2018 Activities

This summer Lord willing we’ll be again hosting groups from three different churches and some individual visitors as well, a total of 44 people in all (a rather light summer for us!) Our theme…the banner at the top of this post, Cross the Border. All sorts of meaning there!

As you may imagine, a lot of preparation goes into planning multiple activities, as well as basic details such as lodging, food and transportation. We’re excited about the response we’ve already received to a number of classes we’ve begun to promote for a group of 19 from Mt. Calvary Church, Elizabethtown, PA. Within three days of promoting the baking class, we confirmed 40 people for the four days of classes. All of these women are non-churches ladies!

There’s a video about pickleball below, with David and Fer breaking in a set in our backyard. I have the dubious privilege of somehow becoming the mascot for some of these promo posters. It’s a terrible thing to fall into the hands of an artist, especially one as talented as Samuel!

We have also begun to prepare for our first ever DVBS in Palmas 1, with a group from Hope Community, Mt. Joy, PA. We’re renting the same building where we meet as a church, and are expecting to fill it up with kids from 4-13 years of age. Please pray for Mayra as she organizes all of this for the last full week of July!

Fernando Font, our musician friend from Uruguay, will also be joining us for most of the month of June, and will be helping with some concerts. Also in early July, Ben Gunter, the mad builder, returns with some young people from Leroy Chapel, Painesville OH. All Ben needs to stay relatively cheery is some strong coffee and a hug every now and again. Check out some pictures and video from last July when LCC did some construction here.

What’s pickleball? Well, I’m still not sure, but it looks like it could be really fun! You can play it with a wiffle ball, a tennis ball or a birdie. 2 on 2.  Or, if two Mexicans are playing…Juan on Juan.

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