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Juan and Blanca Martinez…a few years ago. Juan is 52 years old now. The header picture was taken at daughter Adriana’s 15th birthday party. Not pictured…son Daniel.

You may have received a prayer request from us for Juan Martinez. Juan has been in intensive care for the last week, and in the hospital for the last two weeks, on a respirator for much of that time. His wife Blanca was also sick, but has been recovering at home.

On a Zoom meeting with Dan and Katie Aungst, they mentioned that their kids have been faithfully praying for Juan. That’s so great!

Well, keep praying please! Juan and Blanca’s daughter Adriana has been updating us as she knows information. The updates have been getting cautiously more positive. After only 10% of Juan’s lungs functioning, with high fever, he then when up to 20% and now 40%, with no fever and increased organ function. But he is still unconscious, and dependent on a ventilator. It has been amazing how many people have been praying for Juan. This family was one of several families that helped start the Santa Barbara Sendero church in 2005.

The corona virus curve is still high here in Mexico; we are probably 2-3 weeks behind the U.S.  We have become aware of a number of people living all around us that have been diagnosed with the virus, as well as a number of people that church people have mentioned who have died from it. Social distancing in Mexico City has been extended to June 15. Elementary and secondary schools supposedly will finish out their school year from June 1-July 17, which seems to contradict Mexico City’s restrictions, so we’ll see what happens there. Many people feel like the rest of the school year will be canceled. The school year here goes much longer…usually to mid-July.

We have continued to be involved in supporting a local rehab center and have also been supporting ministry friends Gaspar and Estela in Oaxaca. Some of you from Mt. Calvary Church may recognize this place as one of the towns we visited last summer.


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