A Sunday Prayer

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When Daniel’s football season began, we were happy to see that of 8 weekend games, only two were played on Sunday. We could live with that, content that we could not only support our son on the weekends, but also pretty much continue our Sunday ministry obligations uninterrupted.  But alas, things changed!

For some unknown, unexplained reason, the last four games, which were all programmed for Saturday, were switched to Sunday. All four of them. Suddenly, instead of only 2 games being played on Sunday, only 2 games were played on Saturday! What to do.

Last week I was in charge of the Sunday worship time (think praise band, guitars, etc…) and the sermon on Romans 16. As soon as our church time was over, we hopped in our van, drove like maniacs to the whole way on the other side of the city (Cuautitlán Izcalli) and were able to see Daniel play for about 45 minutes.

Today we have decided to skip church and go to his game. But there’s a bit more to the story. Every since Daniel has been playing football, it’s been a great time to get to know a lot of the father’s of his teammates. Some great guys. None of them Christians, all of them with vocabularies that would make a (pastor) blush. It’s challenging to speak the gospel into their lives. That’s something that leaders preach to everyone else. It’s good to be out in the fray too, really good.

I went to Daniel’s coach and mentioned that its customary to have a prayer before each game. His response was that he wanted to keep religion out of the sport, however my request apparently prompted him to pray a short prayer before each game. It goes something like this. “God, you’re the greatest, and we’re the best, so help us win.”  Maybe a bit short on theology, but hey, it’s a start!

He did say that I could pray on home games. Up till now, we’ve been on the road, except on game, which I arrived very late to (like, the very last play). Two days ago he said I could pray for the start of the game today. I’m excited.

So my prayer today will not be in front of a congregation, but in front of a bunch of 15 year olds who may be rolling their eyes, and a bunch of coaches, who really don’t know what to do with me, because I’m a double anomaly, a gringo and a Christian.

Praying needs to be done outside of our churches. On Sunday. Every day.

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