A Van Full of Goodies

Tomorrow at noon a group of us will be going through four huge black plastic bags full of donated medicine…everything from calcium pills to hypertension medicine to vitamins to syringes to diabeites pills. All of it was recently donated to us by another non-profit here, and much of it is past or very close to its expiration date. But everything that is still fresh is going to Oaxaca.

Why Oaxaca? Because the state of Oaxaca is one of the poorest in Mexico. It is also the location where Adventures in Life Ministry sponsors bi-annual medical missions trips, taking doctors and dentists to small towns in the middle of nowhere, on roads that straddle the continental divide, an area described in Spanish as “el espinazo del diablo”, or “the Devil’s spine.”  Breathtaking beauty punctuated by poverty-stricken, marginalized villages.

But medicine isn’t the only item we’re transporting. I’ll be picking up some wheelchairs from Operation Blessing as well. Here’s the list:

  1. Lots of donated medicine
  2. 6-8 unassembled wheelchairs
  3. 10 hearing amplification devices
  4. 8 audio Bibles on Galcom hand-held, solar powered devices  (thanks Brubachers!)
  5. 20-30 Spanish Bibles

It’s a joy and privilege to be able to complement our urban church planting ministry with an occassional foray into rural Mexico! I’m excited to see Gaspar Chable again, and team up with Dave Miller in reaching another part of Mexico in Jesus’ name.

hearing deviceaud bibbiblia-nvi

wheelchairs for Oaxaca

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