About the Fry Family & Ministry

Rod and Mayra, along with their three kids, are missionaries with Commission to Every Nation, serving in church planting and mobilization in Mexico City.

Rod initially came to Mexico in 1989, and taught for one school year in Puebla Christian School. After language studies in Costa Rica, Rod met Mayra in 1993, and they were married in 1995 in Mexico City. Their wedding was officiated by Ken Hanna, mentor and friend, who has since gone to glory.

They have served as a couple since 1997 in Mexico City, first in Iztapalapa, D.F. for 6.5 years, then for the last 10 years in Ixtapalapa, on the southeast edge of the metro area. Their passion is to see a congregation formed where none existed before.

Their prayer life has increased considerably since their kids started hitting the teenage years! Among their other interests: guitar, reading, tacos (the authentic kind!) and board games (Settlers of Catan, Power Grid, Dominion).

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Hey, LOOK…A Christmas Gift idea

I anyone would want to do something really special for some church families here…go to www.nooma.com and buy a DVD […]

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CAMEX Fellowship Conference

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Mayra’s Citizenship

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Notable News

I neglected to mention that three people made professions of faith two weeks ago at the evangelistic event we had […]

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