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Many of you know that our son Daniel tore his ACL and MCL (two ligaments in his knee) at the end of his last game as an Elizabethtown Bear, in mid November. He has been wearing a knee brace since then, and has surgery to repair his ACL (and also his MCL if it hasn’t healed on its own) this Wednesday, January 6. It was great to have him with us recently in Mexico for a week, from December 25 through January 1.

The process has been an education for all of us in the process and price of medical care. Generally speaking, everything costs 5 to 10 times in the U.S. what it would cost here in Mexico. When Daniel experienced his first (scary) migraine, an full cranial MRI at a private hospital cost about $300 U.S. In the U.S., an MRI for Daniel’s knee cost a good deal more than $3000 U.S.

A big THANKS to Rod’s mother Arlene, who has had to deal with all of the issues regarding claims and medical care. Our primary insurance is through an Affordable Care Act approved Christian health “share” that reimburses us for our expenses less our deductible (in our case, $1000). This “insurance” costs us only 26% of what our previous “normal” insurance cost, but does not cover doctor’s visits or physical therapy. Because Daniel was injured during a school athletic event, we’ve been told that school insurance, our “secondary insurer,” will pay any expenses that our other insurance doesn’t cover…any “out of pocket” expenses that we hope includes our deductible.

Pray for the surgery…and also his recovery. It’s hard for Daniel to be still…so recovery and physical therapy will be challenging for him! Recovery for ACL surgery takes time and diligence! Daniel is not known to be the most patient person in the world! Rumor has it he takes after his grandpa!


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  1. Ruth and I will be praying for the surgery and for Danial’s recovery. Also we will pray for the financial issues.
    FYI This past November Ruth and I along with our daughter Melody moved to Lancaster, PA and are living near our son David and his family who live in Mountville. Perhaps we can get together sometime.

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