An Action Packed Missions Conference in May

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Friend Erik Morga and I spent a good part of Tuesday morning planning this year’s FAMEX missions conference, scheduled for May 24-25, at the Villa de las Flores Bible Church, in northern Mexico City. We’re excited about what is shaping up to be a great conference!

Our speaker for this year’s conference is Tony Vasquez. Tony and his wife Brenda served for many years in Spain, involved in missions mobilization to northern Africa and beyond. He is a Camino Global missionary, and also a member of the International Leadership Institute team. Tony is very knowledgeable in the subject of world missions, unreached people groups, and particularly the Muslim world.

David Gómez, FAMEX missionary to Uruguay, will also be with us, participating in the workshop part of the conference, relating his experiences in this very secular South American country, arguably the least evangelized country in this hemisphere. He will be addressing cultural shock and initial adaption to a new culture and world view. Ask him about helping lavar “trastes” in Uruguay! Check out his blog HERE.

FAMEX president Fernando Amezcua will be giving a report of his upcoming trip to the Philipines with Gustavo Soto and other FAM Internacional members, as well as challenging us to reach our own unreached peoples groups here in Mexico, particularly in Oaxaca, Guerrero and Michoacán. 

Samuel Valtierra will be presenting a workshop entitled “The Use of Art in Missions.” Samuel has ample experience using all manner of art to do everything from open-air evangelism to murals. He has lots of experience in the creation of logos and mascots that identify and make more visible a ministry in a neighborhood. He has taught art workshops two different years at MBI‘s missions conference.

Finally, our own Chuck Topp will be talking about how the local church can be a missionary sending church, as the Bible Church in Ciudad Azteca has done it several times!

Although we recognize that most attendees will be from the Mexico City area, this is a national conference! So if you live in Mexico and desire to be a part of this, let us know as soon as possible! Cost per person, probably between 50 and 80 pesos.  (Pics below)

Check out additional information on this conference on a more recent blog post, Phillipines Report, Fish Farms and Finishing the Task by clicking HERE.

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