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Our trip from Pennsylvania back to Mexico City was full and fun. Adam Landrum and his son Lucas picked us up at San Antonio, and we drove back to McAllen, TX, with them. The next day, Sunday, I preached at Sendero, a church plant that Adam and Velma are involved with, practically right on the border. After church we headed to South Padre Island, where we boarded a boat and went salt-water fishing from 7-11 p.m. What a beautiful night it was! Among many highlights, Adam caught a Jackerval (I think), a probably 15 lb. fish that gave him quite a fight!

Monday, August 8 we headed back to the San Antonio airport, to pick up Kaycee Kaba, who plans to serve alongside us for a year beginning next January, 2015. We had written a lot back and forth with Kaycee…it was great to get to know her a bit! We gave her an immediate test…riding in the back seat of our car with David and Cathy. She survived with flying colors!

Our next 4 days were spent in a Days Inn in Kerrville, TX, attending orientation with Commission to Every Nation. I’ll write more about this later in a post dedicated to this time. Suffice it to say that we were truly blessed to get to know and partner with the team at CTEN.

After breakfast with Dick and Birdie Johnson and a prayer time with the home office and pastoral care crew, we headed to the border, and picked up some last minute articles in Laredo.

The border crossing went without a hitch…all green lights…and we spend the next several hours in Nuevo Laredo, with old friends. Before Mayra and I got married, I lived next to Juan and Bertha, and their three girls, Abby, Betsabe and Neftali. That was…well, 1993-1995, quite a while ago! So good to be able to spend some time with this family, and to pray for and with them. Juan is battling cancer in his spinal column, and is confined to his bed, unable to walk. Please pray for Juan and his family.

After a stop in Matehuala, San Luis Potosi and San Juan del Rio we finally arrived in Mexico City, celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day and the “grito” with Mayra’s family. Great to be home.

We’re missing Daniel, praying as he adjusts to the mental intensity of studies in High School and the physical intensity of football with E-town. Of the two, he much prefers football! Please pray with him that he would study with the same intensity that he plays middle linebacker.

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