Back in the Groove

It’s been great to get back into a bit of a routine with the ministry in Palmas 1. So encouraging to see around 15 young people regularly show up for youth meeting, which began again last Saturday after a break during August.

Exciting to see the small facility we rent filling up on Sundays also. This past Sunday was a special service where many in the congregation participated in reading Scripture, inspirational poems and presenting two short sketches.

I will be once again teaching English in the same building that we rent as a church, classes every Tuesday and Thursday, at 1:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.  There is quite a bit of interest in these classes, and the owner of the building, knowing that we are doing this primarily in benefit to the neighborhood, is charging us a very reduced rate.

In other news…tomorrow I’m heading to an immigration office, to hopefully either receive my permanent residency card, or at least get one step closer to receiving it. Can’t get your hopes up! Thanks for your prayers for us and the ministry here.

Photos below:

  1. Youth group in Palmas 1. Lots of energy.
  2. Sandra reading a poem last Sunday.
  3. Several members of the youth group doing a skit on Sunday.
  4. BBQ with the Prusias, Malthaners, and a bunch of young people.
  5. Promo poster to hung up in two places around the neighborhood promoting upcoming English classes.

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