Back in the Keystone State

I felt for a while like we were in a game of Frogger, us being the frog and the goal being getting to PA. Covid, of course, was a big obstacle, but there were others…insecurity on the border, Mayra’s back problems, the high price of plane tickets. But we finally arrived in PA mid-September, and after a two week self-isolation time we have been able to fully enjoy our family and friends in Elizabethtown and the surrounding areas. I preached at Word of Life Chapel over Labor Day weekend, and we’ll be doing a ministry update and preaching at E-town Grace Sunday, September 27. We also will be ministering at Hope Community Church in the weeks ahead.

We’ll be at E-town Grace on Sunday, September 27.   Come and say “hola!”

The governor of PA initially prohibited spectators at high school fall sports activities (NO!), but those guidelines were recently rescinded, so that means we can watch David play soccer this season. YAY! David does really well with soccer. His PA Classics team recently won their end-of-season tournament. His PA Classics coach is recommending that he play Division 1 or Ivy League soccer! I guess we’ll see.

We spoke to Laurie Shepler (director) and Jonathan Weatherholtz (coordinator of youth and ministry) of Cornerstone Youth Center. Soon, we’re going to be starting a young adult (17+) Saturday get together at Cornerstone, probably from 6-9:30 p.m.  Mayra and I are excited about the possibilities of bringing together a lot of older HS and college aged youth around Elizabethtown, for fun, food and a Biblical focus. Cornerstone has some incredible facilities. Time to tune up my guitar, sharpen my Settlers skills and get ready for some fun Saturday nights!


Family is a big reason why we are here right now. Mayra is in her glory seeing her three kids on a regular basis! Speaking of Mayra, she had a birthday recently! Top secret as to how many years she’s been on this planet. In Spanish, she would say that she is descumpliendo or going in reverse now. Below, a picture of her working with my dad John, and with my cousin Marla at her birthday party.



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