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It was good to be in church this past Sunday for just the second time after a four month plus absence! Lots of familiar faces, and also some new ones. Jim Cottrill did a good job with directing our first-Sunday-of-the-month special service that includes the Lord’s supper, and I was able to lead music. It felt good! Gotta let my fingers harden up a bit after going soft on me during the last months! Thanks, Jim and Shari, for your kind words and warm welcome back. Check out the Cottrill Compass HERE.

At a point during our time together, the men and women divided up for a prayer time. We are still (thankfully) in our multi-colored meeting place, but the owner says that we’ll need to find a new place at the end of the month of February. Please pray for that!

After a quick trip to Puebla on Monday to see Chalo Sandoval, the Prusias, and to retrieve some transcripts that David needs for school, we drove home, back over the volcanic ridge by two of Mexico’s famous volcanoes, Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, both snow-covered, 17K ft. plus peaks. Popo (for short) is active, and gives us all a scare periodically, the last significant eruption happening January 16, 2019.

I was reminded how expensive it is to drive in Mexico. Gas prices here hover somewhere around 19.2 pesos per liter, a bit cheaper outside of Mexico City. If you do that math…3.78 liters in a gallon divided by the exchange rate…and you come up with a gallon of gas costing about $3.84. Nearly every main highway between cities, at least in the central part of the country, means paying tolls. For our 65 mile jaunt to Puebla yesterday we paid about $16.50 in tolls (round trip).

A frequent site on Mexican highways…the toll booth.

So since we’ve been back we’ve been able to start a young men’s Bible study Monday evening, and two separate studies on Wednesday. I wasn’t sure how many copies of the study to print out, as this Wednesday was our first study for a while, so I settled on 10 copies. Happily we had 5 people at each study (including myself), three regular church attenders, 3 people that we know, and 2 new people. It was a good time.

A shout-out to Mark Robinson and his excellent New Life in Christ studies, available HERE in a number of different languages.

Looking forward to a good weekend of meeting with church leadership tomorrow, then preaching on Hebrews 7 on Sunday. But the funk that’s been going around the house and community has finally caught me. A good day for an early bedtime!

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