Back to School and Football Season!

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It’s so beautiful in Lancaster County, PA!

Daniel has survived two weeks of “two-a-day” football practices, in spite of suffering what could have been a concussion at the end of his first full week of practice. He plays his first High School game in the U.S. with Elizabethtown this Friday, a game against rival Donegal, at Donegal. Can’t wait! He’s also survived his first week at Mt. Calvary Christian, as an 11th grade student there.

This past Sunday we renewed acquaintance with our friends at Bible Fellowship Community Church, in West Newton, PA. Great time to see pastor Mike and his family, being greeted by Louis in the parking lot, and touching base with Wayne and others after the service.

It’s been great touching base with so many people while in PA, among them the Ogilvie family. Cool time with them last weekend as they hosted international students from Penn State Harrisburg. Students were from Germany, Malaysia, Iran and China. Really neat outreach! Mayra and I felt right at home, talking with them about the idiosyncrasies of U.S. culture.

The Elizabethtown Fair is history! Cornerstone Youth Center sponsored a dunk tank, and a select group of dedicated volunteers took the seat. Lots of fun, at least for those throwing the balls at the target! Among the wet participants, Shawn Keener from Word of Life Chapel.

A big thanks to grandma and grandpa Fry! We’re living in their furnished basement, and generally making things much more noisy and chaotic than they usually are! Dave has especially enjoyed times with his grandpa!

Next Sunday…an interview at Mt. Calvary Church about a church trip to Mexico City next summer, Lord willing.

Coming soon…more news about next year’s summer internship.

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