Baptisms July 2014

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We all have messed up. We stumble through life searching for something to give us purpose, to grant us forgiveness, to allow us a new beginning, to calm the fear. We reach 20 years old, close our eyes, and turn 40. Time is ticking. Eternity, full of uncertainty, awaits.

Then we hear news that seems to good to be true. We can be forgiven. Our condemnation can be taken away. We can be given life, both abundant and eternal. We can experience love. The door of our cell is open, and we can walk out of the darkness and into the light.

Jesus offers this. He paid the price of our pardon, and what a high price it was! He was condemned, so we may be forgiven. He rose from the tomb, conquering death and hell.

The gospel. So central to everything. So easily understood at a baptism service. Everything points to the grace of God; the testimonies, the ceremony, the tears of joy.

We had the privilege of sharing in the stories of 5 believers this past Sunday, nearly all of whom are the only believers in their family, and in some cases in their extended family. We welcomed them to their new family. Welcome Maggie. Welcome Yvonne. Welcome Patti. Welcome Confianza. Welcome Daniel.

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