Big News for Daniel and Our Family!

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A big thanks to Mt. Calvary Church and School. We spent a full, encouraging four days with Pastors Dick and Jonathan and their staff, and go to know Dr. Sheard a bit, MCCS‘s superintendent, who was encouraging and supportive, having been a missionary himself with kids going in and out of different cultures.

Big news! Daniel will be a Charger this coming school year! We are in the process of enrolling him for the 2014-15 school year, which means that mom will be saying goodbye to her boy a bit earlier than we anticipated! SO GRATEFUL for the Oglivie family and my parents for making that possible! The Oglivie family attends a local supporting church, Hope Community, that we also so enjoyed getting to know better during these last three quick week. It’s wild to think that Daniel will be attending the same High School that I graduated from…uh…a while ago! We would ask your prayers for him and us as we anticipate this transition in August. I’ll write more about this later.

Great to get to know Larry Buckman and his wife Faye at Mt. Calvary’s missions conference. Seriously, they really could go on the road and do stand-up comedy. Larry was asking about helping us get In Touch Messengers into Mexico in Spanish. The Messenger is a portable device that plays audio Bible text, sermons, etc… We’re excited about working and networking with the Buckmans in the future! I had already heard about this ministry through Dave Rose at Rio Grande Bible Institute, and have a sample messenger at our house in Mexico City. Our desire is to potentially partner with Dave Miller and Gaspal Chable to make these portable devices available in Indian dialects in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, as well as work with FAMEX and Fernando Amezcua to provide them to indigenous groups in Michoacan.

Finally…a couple of pictures from the kids’ last day in PA for a while. The BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to my parents, for once again spoiling us to death during our time here. Thanks so much, mom and dad!


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