Two Weeks of Fruitful Ministry (part 1)

We have been pleased to host two church groups over the past two weeks. Gary, Kathy, Denny, Matt, Melissa, Ken, Diana and Jackie  from Word of Life Chapel ministered in the Jesus Maria church, and were engaged in two primary activities: baking/cooking classes and electrical work. The team was actually an official I-TEC team as […]

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Leroy Chapel Construction and Outreach (video)

What a week we had this past week! Sort of a blur, actually, but the results remain. The Jesús María church now has a concrete stage area with baptistry. New LED lights were installed in the ceiling. Lots and lots of wheel barrels full of gravel and sand hauled by some seriously committed men and

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Auditorium Addition

We are extremely grateful for all of your prayers and financial investment in the church in Jesús María. The church is the people, and that’s by far the most important part of church, because people are eternal. But it’s nice to have a facility to meet in also! The picture immediately below this text is

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