Hope for Oaxaca

I have recently been communicating quite a bit with our pastor friend in Oaxaca, Gaspar Chable. It has been striking to me how much havoc the Covid virus has been creating in his local context. There are similarities between the U.S. and Mexico. Both countries are once again going through an intense upswing in new …

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First Sunday back with Baptisms

Need some encouraging news in the midst of ongoing discouraging national and world news about disease and natural disasters?  Read on! God continues to work in the hearts and lives of people. Mexico City is probably 2-4 weeks behind much of the U.S. in dealing with the virus. Churches have been re-congregating little by little. …

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A Time to Remember

I’ve mentioned this before, but if you’re like me, you’ve gone through various cycles of opinion about COVID. For me it started with, “this is probably no big deal,” to “well, maybe I should be a bit careful,” to “this is crazy, this is a media-driven frenzy” to “you know, people I know around me …

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