Leroy Chapel Construction and Outreach (video)

What a week we had this past week! Sort of a blur, actually, but the results remain. The Jesús María church now has a concrete stage area with baptistry. New LED lights were installed in the ceiling. Lots and lots of wheel barrels full of gravel and sand hauled by some seriously committed men and

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Guano and Seeds

What does the word guano mean? Ok, some of you may be thinking…well, that’s a Spanish word, and I don’t know Spanish. Turns out guano is used for the same substance in both English and Spanish. Still no guesses? Guano is bat poop. Ok, it can be used in a general way for all bird

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What the Church Looks Like (and Gibson City)

I was impressed these past several weeks at the nature of the ministry team here. We had the following nationalities present: Uruguayan, Canadian, Portuguese, Mexican, Costa Rican, American. Fernando Font, from Uruguay, was busy playing his guitar and singing at the rehab center, the kids club, youth group and two services on Sunday. Julian Grymaloski,

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