Adventures in Culture

I mentioned in a previous post that Camp Bighorn was going to be with us. We had a great time this past week being involved with ministry and experiencing culture in many different ways. Probably the most impacting of their time was their experience with Mexican host families, as was evidenced in the testimonies and […]

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An Extended Death Celebration

I was explaining a Christian’s position regarding multiple holidays throughout the year last night to a couple of new believers. “The church, generally speaking, likes to celebrate,” I said. The two biggest holidays, Christmas and Easter, center around the birth and redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus. Valentine’s Day? Why sure! Mothers and Fathers Day,

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Mexico City Madness

It’s not easy to live in the Mexico City metro area. It really seems like the city government gets together and brainstorms how to make living here more onerous. on·er·ous ˈōnərəs,ˈänərəs/adjective adjective: onerous–involving an amount of effort and difficulty that is oppressively burdensome. Ah yes, oppressively burdensome. Mexico life in general is complicated. This past

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Forays into Mexico City

This past week has been full of expected and unexpected happenings. It has been a week where we have ventured into Mexico City on four different occasions. Last weekend we received news of the death of Mayra’s aunt, and went to her viewing on a rainy Friday evening. I was asked to officiate the wedding,

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Our Son Daniel

If you would have told us in early March, 2013 that our son would be finishing out his last two years of high school in Pennsylvania, well, we wouldn’t have believed you! But all that changed after a quick visit to PA that month, at which time we were involved in a missions conference at

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