Gethsemane (a poem)

GETHSEMANE The image of a cross I see in the tear of Him who would die for me, a tear, or is it blood, I cannot tell. Underneath the stars is He, fallen in such agony, then His eyes meet mine. Could it be He is telling me that He is going to Calvary for […]

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Is the End Near? (part 1)

A conversation with a friend, then two recent sermons have confirmed in me what I have been sensing…we are cruising ever more quickly towards the end of the world. The promise of Jesus’ return can be felt in the air, apparent with every daily news cycle, perceived by anyone with even faint Biblical intuition. The

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Good Neighbors

Long ago as part of my orientation to Mexico I was required to read a short book about the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico. It was entitled Good Neighbors, by John Conlon. The book talked about the significant differences between the two countries, but in a positive, constructive way. We need a positive, more

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What dispenses grace? The Roman Catholic church believes that God’s grace is given and received through a number of rites and ceremonies called “sacraments.” We as Christians believe that there is only one way to receive God’s grace…through faith in Jesus and His redemptive work in His death and resurrection. There are two ceremonies, however,

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Request List #1

One of the privileges of living between cultures is that we are able to channel resources in strategic and very specific ways. A small gift can make a big difference in the life of someone in Mexico who otherwise may not have access to something potentially life changing. I remember the tears of joy from

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