Too Fearful to be Sorrowful

Yes, it has been quite a week in the United States. A quick look at social media highlights the divide. Rainbows decorate the White House and Facebook. Christians the likes of Franklin Graham, Albert Mohler and John Piper have all addressed the issue of U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling regarding gay marriage. I sense an undercurrent […]

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The Seed, Soil, and Action

I grew up in Lancaster County, PA, home to some of the most picturesque farming in the world. Contoured farming is practically an art form, with swaths of corn, wheat and soy beans gracefully rising and falling over gentle hills. Winter wheat starts out green, next to tilled fields planted with corn or soybeans. The

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Evangelization via Relationship

In his book Cross-cultural Servanthood, Duane Elmer cites a study done by the Canadian International Development Agency, seeking for the principal aspects that foster effectiveness in overseas endeavors. The CIDA study, replicated several times, demonstrated that, far and away, the most powerful factor in overseas effectiveness was the ability to initiate and sustain interpersonal relationships

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For the last month, every Friday evening we’ve been meeting in a home in a new neighborhood here in Ixtapaluca. Every Friday anywhere from 6-12 children meet, have a Bible story and craft. While the kids learn and play outside, 3-6 adults, mostly women, engage in what we call a “School for Parents.” These studies

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