PA Peacefulness

After waiting around 5 hours in an immigration office the day before our flight left, I was able to get traveling papers (remember my residency card was stolen) and we arrived in PA for a few weeks. Israel, our nephew, came with us, and spent the first two weeks with us in PA. We were

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Unrest in Mexico

Some of you have heard about the unrest in Mexico, primarily due to several hikes in gasoline prices. Gasoline prices are set to increase by at least 20%, to somewhere around $3.17 U.S.  Keep in mind that Mexico’s minimum wage hovers around $4 per day. Gas prices not only affect the percentage of the population

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Meet Matheus Da Silva

If you’ve been following this blog you know that we’re super excited to be able to work with several students from Word of Life Bible Institute, Mexico. Matheus, Cheila and Rebeca will be ministering, worshiping, playing and eating with us here from this weekend (Oct. 7-9) through the beginning of December, then again from mid-January

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Book List

I get my book list probably from the same place you do…from friends who say, “Hey, you gotta read this book!” So here are books that I’m reading or have read recently that I would heartily recommend. Shrink, Faithful Ministry in a Church-Growth Culture, by Tim Suttle. Great book! Thanks, Andrew, for recommending it. A

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