Top 10 posts from 2015

Here are the top ten posts from 2015. A sincere thanks to those of you who occasionally visit this site, pray for the ministry here and are interested in the happenings of the Fry family in Mexico City. If you missed some of these popular posts…check them out! 1. Yeast (March 19) Developing intentional relationships

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Being Bi-cultural (part 1) Kid’s Education

Being bi-cultural is wonderful, but it’s also challenging. Probably the biggest area of difficulty for a bi-cultural family is learning and maintaining both cultures. This becomes especially relevant when considering children’s education. No matter how you slice it, educating kids in two languages and two educational systems is complicated. Home schooling has offered a legitimate

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Gethsemane (a poem)

GETHSEMANE The image of a cross I see in the tear of Him who would die for me, a tear, or is it blood, I cannot tell. Underneath the stars is He, fallen in such agony, then His eyes meet mine. Could it be He is telling me that He is going to Calvary for

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Summertime Happiness

We feel very blessed to be able to spend several weeks with our son Daniel, my parents and family in PA. Among the highlights so far…Cathy’s 15th birthday party! A big thank you to my parents John and Arlene, sister Beth and friend Peggy for preparing everything, decorating Cornerstone Youth Center and for helping make

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