Summer Fruit

This summer has been busy for us. I actually hate using the word “busy” because so often it can be confused with “productive” or even “spiritual.” But activity for activity’s sake is simply activism. Another factor in this “busyness” was short-term team involvement. How effective are short-term teams? Are they worth the time and resources …

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Eternal Matters

If you’ve been paying attention to this blog (and others) and to our FB page, you’ve seen a lot of pictures of wheelchairs, hearing aids, concerts, sporting events and construction.  Lots of activity, and we’re excited about every bit of it. But all of this is a means to an end, not an end in …

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Our own Sweet 14, and the “Undefeated” Soccer League

This past week we put on two major sports outreach events. The first was our 5th soccer tournament on March 21 in Palmas 3 neighborhood, this time with 14 teams registering for team play. As always, before any team was eliminated we had the opportunity to share a gospel testimony. Thanks, Daniel Martinez, for your …

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