Mexico City Madness

It’s not easy to live in the Mexico City metro area. It really seems like the city government gets together and brainstorms how to make living here more onerous. on·er·ous ˈōnərəs,ˈänərəs/adjective adjective: onerous–involving an amount of effort and difficulty that is oppressively burdensome. Ah yes, oppressively burdensome. Mexico life in general is complicated. This past

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Being Bi-cultural (part 1) Kid’s Education

Being bi-cultural is wonderful, but it’s also challenging. Probably the biggest area of difficulty for a bi-cultural family is learning and maintaining both cultures. This becomes especially relevant when considering children’s education. No matter how you slice it, educating kids in two languages and two educational systems is complicated. Home schooling has offered a legitimate

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Is the End Near? (part 1)

A conversation with a friend, then two recent sermons have confirmed in me what I have been sensing…we are cruising ever more quickly towards the end of the world. The promise of Jesus’ return can be felt in the air, apparent with every daily news cycle, perceived by anyone with even faint Biblical intuition. The

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Good Neighbors

Long ago as part of my orientation to Mexico I was required to read a short book about the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico. It was entitled Good Neighbors, by John Conlon. The book talked about the significant differences between the two countries, but in a positive, constructive way. We need a positive, more

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