Baptisms! (with photos and video)

Baptisms are always my favorite services, because in baptisms, discipleship comes into focus, and both conversion and commitment are highlighted. This past Sunday, three teenagers were baptized; Emiliano (13), Daniel (16) and Paola (18). We drove our vans and cars, 9 in all, about an hour outside of Mexico City to a beautiful park, complete

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Mount Calvary and Liebenzell Interns

Our summer started off with a bang, receiving three Liebenzell U.S.A. interns (Joshua, Amanda and Rafael), as well as a team of 18 people from Mount Calvary Church. A couple notables about the Mt. Calvary team…there were a lot of father/mother and son/daughter combos, the guys outnumbered the girls 12 to 6, and nearly everyone

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Family News

Whereas much of the U.S. seems to be entering into a second phase of the covid crisis, here in Mexico we’re still in the seemingly never ending first stage. Our last normal Sunday church service was March 15th. That was  13 weeks ago, over 3 months. We continue online this coming Sunday…will we go back

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Prayers for Three Youth

I’m sure that you are getting weary of constant talk about the virus, as I am. Unfortunately the missions weekend that we were going to be involved with at Leroy Community Chapel in OH the first week in May has been canceled. Decisions are being made about our possible summer ministry during these days. Interestingly

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Highlights from DVBS, Basketball and English Week

This year was the second year for our DVBS program in the relatively new (2 1/2 year old) Palmas 1 church. After having relatively low numbers last year, we were all excited to see how many kids would attend this year’s club. The first three days, between 53-56 kids were present, and we finished out

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