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We recently made a change in our mission affiliation, and wanted to briefly make you aware of this change. We have switched from Camino Global, an organization that we had been with for a very long time, to Commission to Every Nation (CTEN). Our ministry in Mexico City will remain unchanged, and this switch does not come as a result of any alteration in our doctrinal position.

Why, then? Well, there are several responses to that, and I’d be happy to answer that question on an individual basis if you’d like to write us, but the main reason is the high premiums we’ve been paying for U.S. based health insurance, and the possibility of those premiums increasing when the Affordable Care Act and employer mandate comes into effect later on this year. We are now paying 26% of what we paid previously for health care. Are we comparing apples and oranges? Probably. But for our family, which has been quite healthy, the decision makes a lot of sense.

You can contact us through our new email,, and can continue to be updated frequently on what’s happening here through this blog, and soon, a new website that is being designed for release next month. If you’d like to donate to our ministry, please go to and click the “DONATE” button. Funds sent to Camino Global in our name after February will not be channeled to our ministry.

There are all sorts of crazy, creative plans in the works for the future…working with different organizations, extending the ministry here to include new emphases…soon I’ll be letting you know what’s in the works, especially for 2015, Lord willing!  All of it, however, will be driven by the desire to see more healthy, discipling local churches in Mexico City.

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