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Last evening, after a rather raining afternoon, we had our 8th(?)closing program at the community center. It was fun! Tina, being the former camp director that she is, organized some simple and silly games, and participants in the various classes over these past several months received a certificate of participation. Every semester is slightly different, but during this past course the following classes were presented free of charge: baking, English, guitar, basketball and crafts.

At the end of our time together, Joseline, a lady in the church, presented the gospel method using small symbols of the passion week contained within plastic eggs. This is the same presentation she did at last week’s Easter Egg hunt outreach. It is a simple, yet quite effective way to walk through the passion week, especially with a young audience.

Today outreach weekend continues with an evangelistic event at Sendero 1. Other churches from the circuit are invited as well.

Quote of the Day: The strongest and purest leaders do not need to rely on position or title. Their passion, wisdom, and authentic love carry all the authority that is needed. The moment we rely on our position or title to accomplish our work, we are sick and dying because it means that the source of permission and power are human rather than divine.
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (pp. 181-182).


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  1. I hope that the team gets a few moments of rest and peace before the interns come so that they can recharge before the next year of classes begin. Praying that those that have heard the word might respond and walk with Christ. Also praying that each member of the Sendero body might find a way to serve in ministry just as Joseline has!

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