Community Projects, Part 2

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Today was our second day of community service projects, and the first day of a youth day camp that Fabian, Tiffany and Tina are doing. Today over 30 youth attended! More on that tomorrow. Check out yesterday’s post for info on what we did yesterday.

After the camp and lunch (at 2 p.m. in Mexico), we tackled a new project…painting the previously graffiti covered water tower wall a sports green. Quite a few young people in the neighborhood use this wall to play fronton or handball, normally with a tennis ball. So we got permission (sort of) from the municipality and made another side of the water tower useful!

Two years ago we painted the northern face of the tower, which is the face just to the left (clockwise) of this side. Scroll down and see that mural, which has been virtually unmarred since it was painted two years ago, a real sign of respect in a neighborhood where everything gets quickly tatted with graffiti. We remember Alyssa and Matt Miller with fondest and prayers nearly every time we see the mural.

We also have been using a push mower that friend Rod Poskitt donated and have been attacking the huge amount of grass and growth around the market and community center. A big thanks to Teo and Andrew who have been beating back the overgrowth.

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