Construction and Chicharrón

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I stopped by the church around 1:30 p.m. today and found our construction foreman, Miguel, with his group of masons just about ready to sit down and eat. The Mexican delicacy they were enjoying…chicharrón in green salsa, rice and beans. Tasty! I must say that chicharrón is a sort of acquired taste. Or, better said, an acquired texture. Chicharrón is pig skin, fried, but, shall we say, flexible. Pig skin is also eaten fried, dried and crispy. It’s good, albeit not very healthy! But the preferred way to eat it in tacos is in green salsa. But alas, I digress!


Miguel and his workers are quickly constructing the second floor of the church. We are so excited to see the physical building be edified…a place where the real church, a growing group of believers in Jesus, can meet to worship, fellowship, pray and play. In the second picture below, taken from the roof of the second floor, you can see the water tower in the distance, where we do our community center activities.

The spiritual edification of a local church, by the way, is much more complicated and challenging than the construction of a block and rebar building. But it’s great to see the prayers and contributions of many bearing visible fruit!

Half of the second floor is being made into an apartment, and the other half will be an all-purpose meeting room. Thanks indeed for all your prayers and support of this project.




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