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My dad is on the board at a real neat youth outreach in Elizabethtown, near the E-town train station, for those of you who know the area. It is called Cornerstone Youth Center. We just got back from helping my parents and a bunch of other volunteers prepare the Mt. Calvary School gymnasium for their annual fundraiser. The special speaker this year is Darryl Strawberry, who Phillies fans will remember as a N.Y. Mets slugger who helped the Mets dominate their division through the mid to late 80s. Drugs and alcohol cut Strawberry’s career short, but he later came to Christ, and uses his platform as a sports personality to encourage young people to seek God instead of fame, and stay away from vices and addictions.

My dad was able to get a couple hundred Darryl Strawberry baseball cards on Ebay, several of which are placed as part of the table centerpiece on each table. Proceeds from the fundraiser and open auction tonight will go towards Cornerstone. Around 550 people are expected to attend. Should be a great time!

The Fry family will be returning to Mt. Calvary on Sunday for their missions conference! Both Mayra and I will be involved in their Sunday morning classes, a youth group meeting, men’s and women’s prayer breakfast, chapel for Mt. Calvary Christian School and more.  I graduated from MCCS way back in 1985!

Looking forward to that…but first, trout fishing in Perry County with David, and a couple of my uncles and cousins! David went with Dwight and Donnie yesterday to stock trout in Shermans creek…and came back super excited about a number of big palominos that he helped slip in the stream! Also met a man who was a retired Spanish speaker who had been to Ecuador on various occasions. What a relief for David to speak Spanish for a change!

Below…pictures of the conference prep and Cornerstone Youth Center!

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