COVID Dynamics in Mexico

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Mexico is a country that thrives, it seems, on making life more difficult than it should be. With additional regulations in place, this is only magnified. I went to The Home Depot yesterday and found myself in person #34 in a long line of people waiting to get in the store. After waiting 10 minutes, and not advancing even one spot, I decided to try again another day. Oh, but what about paying for parking? I had to pay one of the parking lot attendants to take my parking slip in and pay it…so I could leave.

I suspect that my thinking regarding COVID-19 is similar perhaps you many of yours…skeptical at first, then concerned, then skeptical, then concerned. Right now Mexico is right in the midst of the worst of the pandemic, with over 1000 deaths reported nationwide in one day yesterday. The State of Mexico, where we live, has been given another color in the COVID map, which is not a good thing! We have been impacted personally by the sickness and death of people near to us and near to the church. Unfortunately, this morning our brother Juan lost his battle with the virus. Please pray for his wife Blanca, daughter Adriana and son Daniel. Reports from dear friend Gaspar in Oaxaca are also concerning, with sickness and death very much a factor in that state.

I remember asking on Facebook several months ago…has the world gone mad? With protests in the U.S., and a tropical storm flooding parts of southeast Mexico, it has been an emotionally exhausting series of days. The date for going back to school here in Mexico has been pushed back from June 1 to August 31. Social distancing continues here with no end in sight. Our plans to bring David down (he passed his driver’s test today!) have been canceled. In spite of all of this, the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it (John 1:5).



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  1. Estoy tan triste por las noticias y saber lo que han enfrentado en México como familia e iglesia. Cuenten con mis oraciones y con las oraciones de la iglesia donde servimos

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