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Last night we once again had a full house, with a send-off party for Jacklyn Punt. Always great to have Jack here! She helped me with teaching Daniel algebra, so believe me, it wasn’t a vacation for her! In a very nice card she left for us, she had one piece of advice. Do math first next year!

Lots of comings and goings lately…yesterday we also had the pleasure of meeting Joy, Tffany and Corinne, who will be spending the next month in Mexico as part of Camino Global’s summer internship. Two Aggies with us for the summer…will we survive!

Marcy has managed to teach over 60 hours of English so far this summer, bringing her 72 hour requirement within reach. 9 more hours in Guadalajara and she should be home free! Good thing, too, because the time in July back here in Ixtapaluca is going to be riotously fun.

This morning co-worker Jim Cottrill and myself took the interns plus Bryan to the airport for their flight to Guadalajara. They will be working with FAMEX president Fernando Amezcua for the next 12 days. Sounds like a lot of great activities ahead for them. They’ll be going to a youth retreat this weekend, visiting a very rural area next week, then returning to Guadalajara to be involved in a number of diverse ministries, including visiting a juvenile detention center, teaching three days of ESL and sports outreach involvement.

Shout-out to world traveler Myhiah and the Better Together t-shirt below!

Quote of the Day: What does the man who has everything want? The answer: more. We become slaves of the things we own. Soon, all we do is work to pay the interest we have on loans to own the things that actually own us.
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (p. 50). 

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