Escape to the Mountains

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Great to have Pete and Beth Gross, Zach and Vonnie Netzley, and Abigayle English. A big shout-out to Tiffany and Tina, who are hosting them all!  Check out Tina’s recent post HERE.

It’s been a busy extended weekend. On Saturday Ismael and I coordinated a men’s one-day father/son escape to the mountains.  You can see pics below. We went up close to the volcanoes, although did not go up to the pass, because of recent enthusiastic volcanic activity (see volcano plume in pic below). Instead, we want to a recreational area that had pretty much everything but electricity and running water. Yes, that is meant to be funny. It was also quite true! We sang, studied, had a meeting and played with our boys.

Yesterday was my second day of a certification course WAY across the city at Union Evangelical Church, in the offices of Operation Blessing, Mexico. More on that later. I’m excited about many connections that God has given us in recent days.

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