Everybody Needs to Get Sick at Least Once While Here

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Mayra and I got a call at 5:30 a.m. this morning. Now, that’s never good news! And it wasn’t…turns out one of our summer interns woke up her roommate at around 3 a.m. saying she thought she was going to die. Ok, well, that might be embellished a bit (or maybe not!). A doctor was called, and came to the house in the middle of the night (where does that happen in the U.S.?).  Abbie was admitted to a clinic early this morning with a stomach bug. She quickly began to improve, however, and was released shortly after, in plenty of time to catch her flight from Guadalajara back to Ixtapaluca. Always happy for good endings to stories like these! Now, Tina is trying to file a claim on the international health insurance that the mission requires that all interns purchase. Good luck with that, Tina! I have some experience with that, and it’s not pretty.

I was reminded of three summers ago, when Micah Brewster, no doubt from not eating enough papaya, also needed to get tests done one evening late at night. The only clinic open was about half an hour away in Mexico City. No, he did not have appendicitis. But it took some of his bodily fluids to prove it!

I frequently comment to visitors that they will probably get sick at least once while here if they plan to be here for more than a week. Just accept it! It’s part of the experience!

All in all, the girls (and Bryan) had a great time in Guadalajara. Many thanks to Fernando and Luz María Amezcua who made it all possible.

I think the picture at the top of this blog is a picture that Abbie took. Thanks Abbie!

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